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Curbside Recycle Today! Curbside recycling is your best opportunity to positively impact the environment we share.


All of us at Midland Davis are proud of the role we play in the Curbside Recycling Programs. Teamed with the citizens we serve, our combined efforts help keep waste out of our community’s landfills, and contribute to the positive environmental health of Illinois.


Below are the materials included in our Curbside Recycling Programs. Please place your recyclables loose (not bagged) within the cart provided by the city.

Acceptable Curbside Recycling Materials

Unacceptable Curbside Materials

NOTE: Our Midland Davis facility will accept a wide range of additional recyclable materials. Please check this comprehensive list for which items are, or are not, accepted via delivery at our processing facility. Some materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, will be purchased for cash.

Moline Collection Days

  1. Check this City map to find out which day is scheduled for your recycling pickup
  2. Your recycling pick-up day will be the same as your trash collection day. 
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