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“Out of the waste stream and into your revenue stream,” is a plan we execute to perfection,
every day.
Whether scrap paper is a profitable by-product of your operation or a cost-effective raw material that is essential to the products you produce, you’ll find the experienced traders, logistics and service experts within Midland Davis Brokerages Services to be a valuable addition to your team.

Our longevity in this business is one key to the unmatched service we deliver on both sides of the buy/sell trade.
Beginning with our scrap industry heritage dating back to 1892, the trusted relationships and financial stability we have established have grown to worldwide proportions.

Midland Davis continues to build a worldwide reputation for
consistent, reliable service and competitive pricing. We’ve gained this experience working in partnership with the domestic and international mills that need a steady supply partner, as well as the corporate supply chain executives, plant managers, material recovery facilities and private recycling businesses that require reliable collection and fair value for scrap and overrun paper and cardboard.
Here’s how we’ll work with you.
Utilizing the unmatched experience of our paper brokers, as well as our fully staffed logistics and service team, we help our clients satisfy the unique needs of the business they operate.

For the mills and other paper-consumers we serve, delivering the right grades, at the right time, for the best possible price is usually the measure of our success. Once our plan is implemented, you can expect pickup or delivery on an always timely and consistent basis.
For our scrap-producing clients, our service usually means maximizing the efficiency of your waste recovery systems, helping to meet your sustainability goals and maximizing the value of the material you recycle.

When prudent, Midland Davis will be
pleased to spot trailers or waste collection containers on site. We can also supply balers, compactors and material handling equipment, as well as help you with financing, when required.

Contact our paper brokerage professionals today for immediate pricing or to arrange a no-obligation consultation related to your domestic or international needs.
Choose an experienced and creditworthy broker that will be with you for the long haul. For domestic and international service, rely on Midland Davis paper and plastic brokerage. We’ve been handling recycling and material recovery since 1892.

2023 Curbside Recycling

On your recycle week, place your recycle cart at the curb/alley three feet from your garbage cart.
No glass will be accepted!

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